Go Wild

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Fairleigh & District Swimming Club

Founded in 1933, the Farleigh & District Swimming Club is believed to be the oldest river swimming club in the world. This is the original "wild swimming club" with a car parking field, 100m of swimmable river and a picnic/sunbathing field.

Claverton Weir.jpg

Claverton Weir

100m long weir in wonderful valley of the Avon. Meadow, old ferry crossing steps, long deep water stretches. Shallow paddling areas above weir, play areas under weir near bank. Water generally clean despite Environment Agency rating. Popular. Follow A36 out of Bath (or cut across via university campus).

West Lydford.jpg

West Lydford

A pretty 100m stretch of river running alongside church lawns between old bridge and weir. Gravel bed by weir, though a bit mushy from old leaves by bridge. Access from either bank of weir. Rope swing. 1.5m deep by weir. 2m under bridge.